Name Cooling Tunnel for Motor Housing
Function Cooling from 190℃ to ≤30℃
Configuration Chiller, PLC
Heat Source Electrical, Cooling air convection
Width 2300
Height 2590
Length 36500
Total Power 10KW
  • 1. Electrode drying during battery manufacturing: In the process of chemical battery manufacturing, electrode materials need to be dried to remove moisture or solvents. Ovens can provide stable temperature and proper ventilation to dry the electrode materials, ensuring their quality and performance.
  • 2. Curing of adhesives during battery assembly: Adhesives or sealants need to be cured during the assembly process of chemical batteries to ensure the sealing and stability of battery components. Ovens can provide the appropriate temperature and humidity environment to accelerate the curing process, reducing production cycles.
  • 3. Battery aging testing: In the chemical battery industry, batteries need to undergo aging tests to evaluate their performance and lifespan. Ovens can provide a stable temperature and humidity environment to simulate the working conditions of batteries in actual use, accelerating the battery aging process and enabling early assessment of performance and lifespan.
  • 4. Heat treatment of chemical materials: such as preheating to melt material stored in the drum during transportation. Also drying the drum after the chemics taken out. As well as the power drying and so on.