Name Filter Paper Curing Oven
Function Curing Paper in 165℃
Configuration PLC Control, Cable Support
Heat Source Electrical, 
Width 1700
Height 1750
Length 13500
Total Power 80KW
NMT ovens are deeply used in almost every components of vehicle manufacturing, brakes, hubs, interior, dashboards, capacitor, horsing, electrics, engine cover, as well as rotor, stator and battery for NEV, for the process such as vanishing, plastic parts manufacturing: Many automotive parts, such as interior components and exterior plastic panels, require heating and cooling to form the desired shape. Ovens provide the necessary temperature and time control to ensure the accuracy and quality of plastic parts, same as in electronic component manufacturing: Many electronic components in cars, such as batteries, sensors, and control modules, require soldering and curing in ovens. Ovens provide the required temperature and time control to ensure the reliability and performance of electronic components.