Function Heating motor
Configuration Truck-in
Heating Source Electricity
Atmosphere Hot Air Convection
Max. Temperature 150℃
Chamber Customized
Customized big heating room, valuable choice.
  1. According to the different placement of the baked products, choose a special hot air circulation method for the air duct, such as: single circulation for bottom blowing, double circulation for top blowing, large recirculation
  2. Door opening methods: front door, front and rear door, top door, and lifting door
  3. Workpiece conveying methods: trolley type, roller row type, plate chain type, mesh belt type, push rod type;
  4. Truck-in methods: manual trolley, self-propelled trolley, gear rack drive, traction trolley drive, winch drive, roller row drive;
  5. Temperature control methods: digital display instrument temperature control, time proportional temperature control instrument temperature control, intelligent (program) temperature control instrument temperature control, intelligent (program) temperature control instrument temperature control;
  6. Power adjusting methods: contactor contact type power regulation, thyristor contactless continuous power regulation, solid-state relay contactless switch type power regulation;
  7. Control methods: local control of the main body, segmented control of the connected body, independent control cabinet control, centralized control room control, and computer centralized control;
  8. Observation device: A lighting lamp is installed in the working room, and an observation window is set at the box door to observe the heating status of the workpiece at any time;
  9. Various interfaces: Various interfaces for measuring workpiece parameters: network communication interface, USB interface, 485/232 interface, interfaces for workpiece air extraction, vacuum extraction, pouring, etc.
Besides, Special performance requirements: explosion-proof, clean, vacuum.